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For Rent – Seller Website Email Campaign

These emails can be sent by your elance admin person to every For Rent ad and every FSBO ad in your area. They are designed to drive traffic to your or Rent Seller website to help you build your list and get Sellers to accept your Lease Option Memo.

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For Rent Method – Elance Ad Posting

This is an ad posting for Elance.com that you can use to post a free ad and find a freelance admin person to send emails to Sellers and For Rent ads. Using a freelancer is very cheap and will bring you a constant stream of highly qualified Sellers.

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How To Sell For Rent Deals In 30 Days Or Less

If you use the techniques in these Buyer videos, you will be able to sell any property that is priced properly within 30 days or less. Usually in two weeks. Pricing is the only thing that will stop you and we discuss that in other videos.

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