Quick Start Video

Many real estate investing training programs have good information in them, but the big problem is that you get buried in details and can not figure out how to get started. The Push Button Method is a HUGE program. It is easy to get lost and overwhelmed by it - it is like drinking from a firehose. That is why I created this Quick Start section for you.

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Live Calls To Sellers

This audio is amazing. You will hear LIVE calls to sellers by my students who are sitting in front of a group of my mentor students. You will hear them close deals. These guys show you exactly how to do it, everything from what they say to the way they say it. This is an exercise of learning how to think on your feet.

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Lease Option Agreement Memo

This video shows you the document and walks you through it line by line so you can understand it and explain it to your Seller. Taking control of a property is as easy as filling out this quick document. Then all you have to do is sell it and take your cut.

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Online Lease Option Agreement Memo

This online form makes getting signatures from Sellers that much quicker and easier. There is nothing as easy as putting together a deal without meeting the seller, without seeing the property and without ever leaving your house.

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