Lease Option Agreement Memo

This video shows you the document and walks you through it line by line so you can understand it and explain it to your Seller. Taking control of a property is as easy as filling out this quick document. Then all you have to do is sell it and take your cut.

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Online Lease Option Agreement Memo – Introduction

We used to only be able to fax our Lease Option Memo or meet with the seller in person to get them to sign. Then came email and we created a pdf file that we could attach. THEN, at last, we created an online form that will allow the seller to open his browser and digitally sign the form on our own website.

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Online Lease Option Agreement Memo

This online form makes getting signatures from Sellers that much quicker and easier. There is nothing as easy as putting together a deal without meeting the seller, without seeing the property and without ever leaving your house.

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For Rent Method Seller Website

When a Seller has filled out the opt-in form on this Seller website I designed in the past, our experience has been that 100% will sign the Lease Option Memo and allow you to sell the property for a profit. This is a very powerful website.

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For Rent – Seller Website Email Campaign

These emails can be sent by your elance admin person to every For Rent ad and every FSBO ad in your area. They are designed to drive traffic to your or Rent Seller website to help you build your list and get Sellers to accept your Lease Option Memo.

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